24 Hours.
24 Hours. stories
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We don't want to say goodbye.

24 Hours.

There is a time limit For everything So why..

Are these daggers Continuously Aimed at my heart?

If I had the power To do so..

Then I would forever Stay in the moment Where I am Most at peace.

Yet, the 24 hour cycle Is nearly over And I will have to face it,

So that I can unravel Once more

A crumbled mess Upon the cold kiss Of the ground.

Our hearts bleed open And they close up For the mightiest To once again Barge through, Uninvited.

Our minds replay Several scenarios Before they shut down For rest to come To once again Bring along A head-piercing pain.

Our hands tremble, And they clench into fists For the gentle To once again Pry at our yearnings.

There is a time limit Of 24 hours on the clock

Incidents will repeat And people will change

But these daggers Will forever be aimed At our silly, But lovely hearts.

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