The Very First Feeling
The Very First Feeling love stories
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angelicsoul Anxiety prone but trying
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The first wave of euphoria you feel when you fall in love.

The Very First Feeling

Something draws me to you.

Is it your eyes that shine with happiness, or your smile that shines so bright it would put the sun to shame?

We are nothing alike, you and I still, I yearn for you to acknowledge me.

I'll write you a thousand love songs, if that's what it takes for you to look at me.

I have not experienced this feeling of love, still I don't want to run away.

It makes me so happy. The world is a bit more colorful when you're in love, I think.

I don't want to abandon this happiness.

A word from you can make or ruin my day. Do you know the power you wield?

The mention of your name elevates me.

I can push myself to be better , to be like you. I realize that with love comes pain.

Even so , I don't want to forget the way you made me feel.

Thank you for that. Even if I fall out of love,

I will remember you as the person who made me see the world as a bit brighter than it was before.

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