The Girl In The Mirror
The Girl In The Mirror angst stories
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angelicsoul Anxiety prone but trying
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How long have I been looking at myself like this?

The Girl In The Mirror

A cold suddenly hits me, and I am knocked down from my crown.

My fingers turn blue, for all the things I couldn't do with them.

And I feel my heart harden with your cold gaze.

There lies no sympathy in those eyes.

They scrutinize me and make me feel smaller.

Those eyes, so familiar and yet so unapproachable.

A stinging pain ensues , and my mind is filled with countless memories, all of them in which I have failed.

Why are you doing this to me? What do you gain from this?

You are only bringing ruin for yourself!

The humiliation is too much ,

I hit my numb fingers into the glass, and break your image.

Those shards of glass, sharp with your emotionless gaze.

Why must I look at myself this way?

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