The Angst Of A Loved One.
The Angst Of A Loved One. angst stories
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angelicsoul Anxiety prone but trying
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The sadness that comes with the departure of a friend who loved you when you hated yourself.

The Angst Of A Loved One.

I made a new friend. She looked at me and spoke, and I felt as if our talk would never end. She smiled and told me a joke.

Me and her had big dreams, to which we gladly started working hard. We rooted for each others teams, and played in each others backyard.

I knew her better than herself, she could take on the world. She even loved me for myself, and in a bed with peace we curled.

The whispers of strangers started it, the whispers that made me feel smaller and oh those vengeful words bit deep in my heart up to my collar.

The spirals were next. Coils of endless pain and regret. like a spell being hexed. I was a prisoner in my own mind in debt.

My dear friend looked at me, with tears shining her eyes. She said "Don't mind them. Let them be". "Then why is the hole in my heart so large in size?"

The whispers cut deep, made my heart full of lead, made the anxiety climb steep, made me wish no one paid me heed.

I made a new friend. She looked at me and spoke, and I felt our love coming to an end, all because my mind cut itself into pieces and broke.

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