My Unrequited Questions.
My Unrequited Questions. friend-ship stories

angelicsoul Anxiety prone but trying
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To that one friend you're so thankful to.

My Unrequited Questions.

What are we? Its a question I've asked every time , each time I look into your eyes.

Being with you makes me feel at ease,

You have this aura around you, that says "keep out"

Yet you let me in .

You shared all your joys and worries , you always kept in mind what Id think.

you let me intertwine my hands with yours, when I was scared.

People often ask me your character. you are so unique I cant even begin to describe you.

I can show you all my sides. Anxiety cant attack me when I'm with you.

You are someone i look up to and admire , someone who wont judge me.

When you said you wanted to live with me, I was so happy.

I think id like that. so I said yes.

I just hope we wont get separated by time. I want to live with you.

It wouldn't be so bad.

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