Hopeless Love
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angelicsoul Anxiety prone but trying
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The feeling of love is a vague term. Its so much more than that.

Hopeless Love

The feeling of love, what a vague term.

Peaceful like a white dove. The clenching of my heart so firm.

My mind becomes clearer, All my headaches disappear.

Only you matter in that moment, my eyes only focus on you.

A giddy feeling rises within me, you make me so happy that its scary.

My feet feel light, so light that I feel like I could jump all the way to the stars,

but even they couldn't compare to your beauty.

I'd go to the moon and back in a heartbeat if you asked me to.

You are fresh mown grass, the smell of an old book.

The way you shy from my gaze does something to me, your hugs would feel heavenly

I would hold your face as if I was holding something so gentle,

something so fragile. Basking in your presence is a privilege for me.

I will tell you all this someday. We would have dinner under the stars,

I would caress your cheek and tell you of your brilliance, how you light up my day brighter than these stars.

I'd put my arms around you and spoil you. We would take a road trip to nowhere and everywhere.

Even the most mindless tasks feel fulfilling with you . I will tell you all this someday

My darling, please forgive me.

I'm just a hopeless romantic.

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