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angelicsoul Anxiety prone but trying
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"A sweet friendship refreshes the soul"- Proverbs 27:9


I've got friends

a friend that's depressed, who stays awake and stares mindlessly into the dark night sky

I've got a friend in love, who stays awake and dreams of him.

I've got a friend so broken, who stays awake and thinks of her father who died.

I've got a friend so lonely , who burns with jealousy , who stays awake to cry lest everyone leave her.

I've got a friend so numb, she pricks herself to feel something.

We are all still kids, trying to pick apart our imperfections

Such is youth , a joyful time full of sorrow and pain

In a few years, these friends of mine will be strangers

It is inevitable, even so I do not regret being with all of you

Friends carry each others burdens don't they?

Yet I cant do anything to help them, after all we are just beautiful helpless souls.

We have a little bit of pain in ourselves , that we cant understand.

All I can do is be there for them, wipe away their tears and be sad with them.

It does not rain forever. The clouds eventually do part

and sunlight definitely filters through.

Bit by bit we grow up, and all the sorrows of our youth ,will fade and we will find peace.

I am grateful you all got to share your pain with me.

Though we may be on our different paths, a piece of me was created by all of you, and in it is every smile, every laugh, every tear and every joke.

And I will hold on to that piece.

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