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angelicsoul Anxiety prone but trying
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The painful tale of a lover forgotten.


Take one last look before I go, my eyes, my nose my lips.

Please remember me for who I was revel in all our sweet memories we had

please hold them on to for me.

I knew I said I'd never forget you in a million years

sometimes we use up our million years a little too fast

even so I do not regret .

I love you and love the memory of you what happens when I lose that memory?

darling I may not remember but my body does

the way my hand knows to stroke your hair when you're feeling down

or cup your cheek to give you a kiss,

the way my cheek burns at your sight even after all these years,

my body will not forget how we fit together perfectly.

I am sorry for all the " I don't remember"s you'll have to hear

I wont hold it against you if being with me is painful

Your lover has forgotten you, after all

I understand darling if you leave me one day

Please remember me for who I was and not my hollow self who stares endlessly

the one who loves you is now gone and no more in this world

I bid my final goodbyes to you darling.

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