Running From The Devil
Running From The Devil creepy-pumpkin stories

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Stacey wanted a night off, but her night was ruined.

Running From The Devil

It was a Friday night and today's my day off. Going to a club to have fun wouldn't be too much, right?

As I was getting a drink, I spot a guy grabbing a huge pumpkin. Taking a seat next to mine, placing the pumpkin on top of the table.

"What?" The guy asked. Maybe I was looking a bit longer. I turned my gaze to my drink instead, drinking so that I can ease the awkward tension, although it was really loud in here.

Stacey drinks her tequila quietly. The guy was staring at Stacey's side profile, something about that girl really attracts the guy for some reason. He doesn't know if he likes her, but one thing is for sure...

He wants her organs. He looks at the pumpkin he was carrying earlier today, he noticed that the pumpkin was glowing a bright shade of red, just like the lights in this club.

The bottom part of the pumpkin was opening, more like it was carving into a shape of a zigzag. Seeing that it was smiling evilly.

It's like the pumpkin was reading the guy's mind. The pumpkin also wants the organs of the girl, wanting to see the girl screaming in agony while removing her organs one by one. It will be a delight for both of them.

The guy saw the girl standing up and walking away from the bar. The guy smirked, looking at the bottom part of the girl, swaying her hips from side to side.

I was really scared. The guy earlier is still staring at me, I can feel it. So I went away and walk towards the exit of the club. Guess this isn't a great night after all.

I walk to the tunnel wherein the other side is a forest going to a little town where I live.

I walk with confidence since this is where I go home.

Then I heard rustling noises. Which was usual, but this one is rapid, as its running. Running towards me.

I turn around and I saw a guy... that has a pumpkin over his head.

'IS THAT THE GUY FROM THE BAR?!' I thought as I start running as fast as I can. Gaining fast speed since I wore sneakers instead of high heels.

I kept running and running. When he was nowhere to be seen I slow down my speed, gaining enough strength when that creepy guy starts running after me aga‒

"Hey there"

"AAHHHHH!!!" I screamed my lungs out. The guy's voice was deep, and his hold on my neck was hurting so bad. "GET OFF OF ME!"

I kicked his balls and he loosened his hold of me. I start running again, this time, I start running towards the town. I can already see it.

As I was runnning I look at my back and I saw that the guy has now a MASSIVE CHAINSAW.


I heard him screaming and screaming that he needs my organs. Why would he need my organs?! I kept running and apparently I can see street lights. And I was met by a street.

I stopped my tracks when there were no more stomping and rustling. I heaved a breath and look behind, slowly and cautiously.

I look more on my surroundings and I can tell that this is near my home.

I walk faster than before and I can see my house from a distance.

Once I've reached the house I tried to open the door but I suddenly remembered that I dropped my bag in the forest.

"Ugh, that stupid pumpkin head guy just had to ruin my perfect nigh‒"

"Well my night will be perfect now"

That's the end of my story! And of course, you know what happens next, I know it looks disgusting. Thank for reading~

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