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angelicagarner My pain is art.
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Sometimes I wish I could die...

Sometimes I wish I could die

Not permanently

Just for the moment..

Just to escape the pain and the loneliness

Because if you die you don’t feel the emptiness

I wish I could die without the ripple effect

I wish I could die without passing the dread

I just wish I could leave temporarily...

Because maybe if I could have peace for a just a little while

An hour, a week, a month?

Maybe, just maybe then.. I’d be okay.

I just want to not breath for a moment

I want everything to be still

I want to feel the calm embrace of nothing

I want to be nothing just for a moment

Sometimes I want to hurt the person that cares the most, because they are the only one stopping me

If they don’t care then I definitely won’t care

Then I can just be nothing

Then I can be still

I can be silent

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