To Be A Hero Part 2
To Be A Hero Part 2  growingup stories

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Read part 1 if you are confused

To Be A Hero Part 2

Y/n L/n

age: 15

quirk: can make stars/ use them as weapons for throwing and attacking enemies.

She summons the stardust at her fingertips until she forms one to million stars, which can fun fact can be used as a shield.

Y/n was dreaming again.

It was the same dream she had since she was a little girl. where was she? Y/n had no clue.

her eyes looked up toward the skies, seeing millions of stars in the night sky each one more beautiful than the last. Then before she knew it, all the stars started exploiting left and right.

The night sky filled with loud explosions!



She hated this part.

One by One, each star went out. The teenage girl cried out as she reached out her hand as one of the stars started to fall from the darkness and lands in her hands.

the single small star shines so brightly in her hands and then...

the star spoke to her, she couldn't make out the words but it almost sounded just like her best friend's voice, " Deku?" She asked aloud.

Y/n Blinks opening her (color) eyes wide and sits up in her large bed. She was back in her bedroom.

Y/n breathed and runs her hand through her long (color) hair as she gets out of bed and searches through her bedroom looking for her school uniform, ' I've been having this weird dream lately,

I wonder if it means anything- Grandpa tells me that it might have something to do with my powers' the girl wonders in thought as she finished dressing in her school uniform then takes

a good look at herself in the mirror. Y/n was a fair height with an hourglass waist.

So her uniform hugged her just right, " oh well, never mind that, today is my day to shine! " she announced to no one while striking a silly pose, " I'm gonna be a hero!" then laughs-

Then suddenly she hears the door swing open without warning and in walks in her Grandpa, " Good morning Star Bright-" he trails off as he caught Y/n in her silly pose, " So...

this is one of those new trends on hero's I've been hearing about?" Grandpa asked while chuckling, " GRANDPA!! KNOCK!!" Y/n whines.

Grandpa chuckles and rolls his eyes, " Oops I forgot" He closes the door then knocks this time before entering back in, " Morning Star Bright!

shouldn't you be meeting that young fella, who's always talking to himself?" he asked.

Suddenly, it hits her like a ton of bricks as her eyes widen in realization and she looks down at her watch, " Oh my god! I'm going to be late for school!!" Y/n shouts in terror.

She quickly grabs her blue backpack full of books and hugs her Grandpa goodbye then runs quickly out of the door and down the sidewalk in the city of Musutafu.

Until she run into a certain green-haired boy who was also in a hurry, " Hey, Angel-chan!" Y/n called using her best friend's nickname as she catches up to him.

Deku smiles brightly at her as he laughs, " Y/n-Y/n! You made it! !" he blushes hard trying to match her speed as they run to school together.

She laughs and grabs Deku's hand pulling him along with her this causing him to blush harder, " are you kidding? there's no way I'd miss today! now come on!" She shouts aloud with pride.

Deku hasn't seen her this happy since their first sleepover together when they were little kids at Deku's mother's apartment.

Today was the day their lives were going to change, Y/n and Deku were finally going to finish school and would move on to taking the UA entrance exam!

Then Y/n stops running when a large group of people blocks her path, " are-are you kidding!?" she huffed and letting go of Deku's hand crossing her arms.

Suddenly they hear a mighty roar, " WOW, THAT'S ONE HUGE SUPER VILLAIN!" shouted Izuku looking up at the huge shark half-human almost speechless.

Y/n also looks just as surprised but smiles, " and in the middle of the city too? Must be something big-" She blinks noticing that Deku is gone, ' and I'm talking to myself again! great!'

Y/n finally sees him in the crowd and concludes Izuku had already gone ahead of her, " Hey-hey! wait for me, Deku!"

The two started pushing through the crowd of people making it to the front where they could watch the main PRO HERO's in action.

A big smile is on your soft face as you watch the fight take place between Super Villian Vs. Pro Heros!

From what Y/n and Deku overheard in the crowd, apparently, the 'super villain' was just some petty thief that stole a handbag then got cornered by Backdraft, Death Arms, and finally Kamui Woods.

" He may be big!" Izuku cries almost geeking out as much as you, "b-but he's making a big name for himself!"

Y/n chuckles and lends in smirking at her friend, " why Deku you're almost acting like a fanboy if I didn't know any better"

Izuku blushes lightly embarrassed and looks away laughing lightly while sweating, "hehe, uh--sort of"

The fight continued until finally, Kamui Woods makes his big hero speech as they always do and get ready to deal the final blow, " There!

" Deku shouts while pointing his index finger, " his special move!"

" Come on Kamui! show that Villian who's boss!" Y/n even shouts aloud while waving her arms like a cheerleader. Deku chuckles at this, "now's who's begin the fan?" He whispers to Y/n.

She suddenly blushes and crosses her arms smirking, " I'm-Uh just showing my support! that's all!

" Deku laughs, " whatever you say" then their attention was back on the fight just in time just as Kamui uses the Pre-Emptive Binding! Lacquered Chain Prison!

But Suddenly a giant woman appears out of nowhere and kicks the Shark-human square in the jaw while shouting, "CANYON CANNON!" she knocks him out cold, ending the fight.

Everyone looks confused.

what just happened? Y/n wondered out loud but then hears the giant women introduce herself as Mt. Lady. oh yes, Y/n had heard of Mt.

Lady, She's also a Pro Hero trying to stay in the spotlight, it's the only way she can keep her career going.

Y/n rolls her eyes, " jeez another spotlight Pro" she muttered as they cleared up the scene while all the fanboys start taking pictures of Mt.

Lady and yet she smiles as Y/n notices Deku took notes on the pro hero while muttering to himself, " Gigantification, huh?

well, she's definitely got the looks and attitude to be a crowd favorite,

and her quirk is really showy and would be really hard for her to get around in the city without damaging lots of things-"

He is suddenly slapped lightly on top of the head, "you're muttering again, Angel-chan!"

" OW!" Deku rubs his head, " So-sorry, It's just- I'm tak-taking notes to help myself prepare for the future!" Y/n giggles and gives a bright smile, " I know!

just don't forget me when you become the next Pro Hero, okay?"

The way she smiles and makes a silly pose. It makes Deku want to push forward with his dreams and never stop. That smile keeps him going.

Deku gives his own smile, " O-Of course! we both wanna be Hero's more than anything!"

They finally make it on time to Aldera Junior High and enter the tall building. They walk down the hall toward their lockers where they put away their backpacks.

Today was going to be the perfect day, that is until a certain blond decided to walk up and ruin their day, " Hey! Loser!" A deep ruff voice calls to Deku.

Before the two can look toward the owner of the voice. Deku is quickly grabbed and lifted off the ground.

his back smashed against the lockers, " I thought I told you to never come back to this school!" the male voice growls, " k-Kucchan!" Deku utters in fear.

It was indeed the school bully and strongest third-year student, Bakugo. Ever since he became Hall monitor he got cockier than ever.

Y/n glares daggers at the blond, "Hey! let him go Kucchan!" she yells getting in his face, hands on her hips.

Bakugo turns and is about to snap at her but stops and instead his whole attitude changes and his cheeks turn dark red as he looks into Y/n deep (color) eyes, ' It-It's her' The blond thinks,

' she's talking to me, say something, stupid!' Kucchan yells at himself inside his own head.

He quickly lets go of Deku, who falls on his butt and even brushes the green-haired boy off, " Tsk, I was just messing around with the KID"

Deku makes a face as the comment made feel helpless, 'kid?'

maybe he's right. look at me, I can't even protect Y/n much less myself-

Y/n however didn't buy it and rolls her eyes, " Right, sure,

just leave Deku alone before Deku and I beat your sorry butt" to prove her point she summons a star in her hand and shows Bakugo who in return just blushes more and finally turns away,

" whatever loser" is all he says then walks off. Weird Y/n thinks, no weirder than normal with that spiky blond.

She then turned to Deku who looked very upset, " Hey, you okay?

" Deku at first doesn't answer but sighs, " I-I'm sorry" he muttered, " I should be-be the one protecting you" he sniffs and starts to cry.

Y/n quickly waps the tears from his eyes, " Angel-chan, don't be sad, you give me the courage to be the person I am today!"

Deku blinks looking in surprise at the comment, " really?"

The teen nods and smiles, " You are my angel!"

The two friends laughed as they both walked to class

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