Drag me BACK from hell part 1 Yandere fanfiction
Drag me BACK from hell part 1 Yandere fanfiction  yandere stories
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"Sleep well, my baby~ " You hear a soft voice mutters. Ow, Your head. Is the first thought that comes to mind as your subconscious comes back to you. The whole world around you is spinning as your eyes lids opened, only to find darkness.

Drag me BACK from hell part 1 Yandere fanfiction

"Sleep well, my baby~ " You hear a soft voice mutters.

Ow, Your head. Is the first thought that comes to mind as your subconscious comes back to you. The whole world around you is spinning as your eyes lids opened, only to find darkness.

so many questions come to your mind, let's start with the first one:

what was the last thing you remember? that should be easy enough.

while it was vague flashes of memories but the best you can recall is you getting ready to go to a camping sleepover with F/N who was a little strange but she/he was a cool friend and made

some good points that you needed to get out of the house and meet new people. You had just gotten out of another relationship with your ex.

he wasn't very nice to you when you two were together, he was so big, strong, and good in bed.

Sure, he had a bad temper and was very jealous but you loved him.

However, your dad D/N noticed his true colors and tried to warn you countless times, at the time, you ignored your father's warnings.

thinking of it as simply your father overreacting, but then, you started to notice too, it was small things that didn't matter.

from hanging out with friends to finding out what your family said about him.

This made your ex not happy but what broke the final straw. Was when his jealousy got out of control, over a phone notification no less.

You explained to him countless times it was your phone with an update but he was always so stubborn.

So you left with help from some of your close friends and you thought it was the end, at first, but then the strange phone calls came then weird stuff started to happen. for example, things started to go missing in your home.

You got a phone call telling you that your father was in the hospital due to a car accident, lucky your father was fine. the only minor cut on the head, he would get out in a couple of days.

sighs, th-thank god. You visited him every day just to make sure he was okay.

then one day, you were heading to the hospital to pick up your father when you turned on the radio and heard the name of your EX had been killed for reasons unknown.

It was scary to hear that but not at all surprising.

It had been a month since then the phone calls had stopped but the weird things would get weirder.

things would be out of place and it always felt like something was always watching you. So it was good to finally get out of the house and away from all the weird things.

Now you had finally felt brave enough to leave the house with F/N.

The last thing you remember before blacking out, you were waiting in the middle of the woods at the meeting spot that F/N had texted to you on the drive there.

Only to find F/N was not there, you tried texting them but...20 minutes had gone by and no reply. no sign of them.

something didn't seem right, the air was thick as a knife, the hairs on the back of your neck stood on end and the woods were so very quiet and dark.

You feel a pair of glowing eyes staring through you, then bang! you feel a sharp pain in your head and then everything went black.

then you remembered hearing a voice before passing out again but it was the voice you could not place off the top of your head.

" Oh, wonderful your awake, princess!" a deep voice says there's a bit of an edge to it.

You turn your head left and right trying to see the face but find something is blocking your vision, " Who-who are you?" you try to ask out but the ducktape stops you from trying to form words.

You hear a playful yet familiar laugh, "I'm sorry for the ducktape and the blindfold, hehehe, my new look is a bit- to take in and I don't want you to get the wrong idea, darling"


that nickname.

it sounded so familiar, you try to wreck your brain around, that name where had you heard it, " now, I going to take the ducktape off and then the blindfold,

I need you to promise me not to SCREAM"

you give some kind of sound in agreement, of course, you were lying but you had to do something to get this familiar person to removed the ducktape, " wonderful, my DARLING!

now this may hurt a little so I'll be gentle" his words were smooth like honey.

Suddenly a memory came crashing into your mind, it was more like you came to a realization! The smooth voice, the words, and the nickname: It was HIM.

The man who would leave you creepy voice mails and emails for a whole month. It was-

before you can finish that thought, you feel the burn across your face as the tape is harshly ripped off, " FUCK!?" you cried out more annoyed.

" oh, sorry babe! I didn't mean to hurt you! are you okay, my princess?"

you let out a sigh trying to remain calm, " I-I'm fine, can you please remove my blindfold?"

He chuckles rubbing your cheeks, " whatever you say, my darling"

you feel a pair of hands reach behind your head and untie your blindfold then slowly removes it.

That's when you see a pair of sparkling eyes staring back at you with a big wide toothy grin in place. " there we go...I hope you like what you see, my dear"

Your (color) eyes widen in fear, " It's...It's YOU but it can't be-"

" oh, but it can be, your love brought me back from hell, and while Yes, I will admit that I have changed but for the better, sweetheart!"

It was your EX boyfriend.

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