The Chaos of Change
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angelfizz88 HaveUwonUrSpotFairly?Justly?Honourably?
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What if...

If you were born unwanted, invisible or a lost child, you might be able to relate. Let me know what you think.

The Chaos of Change

What if...

You were born to un-nurturing or toxic (behavior) parent/s only to teach them a lesson?

A lesson that your life, is what supposed to be what they should live?!

A life only filled with joy, bliss, creativity and purpose?

What did this piece made you think? What did it make you feel? You may leave your imprints below. Thank you for peekin' in! May this piece keep sending magic your way each time you revisit.

May you find yourself between the lines.

If you want to be the first to get updated of my fresh scribbles, smash that F o l l o w button! Welcome to my new playground! 🤭 I can't wait to read your shares!

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