August Rain

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angelfizz88 HaveUwonUrSpotFairly?Justly?Honourably?
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Aaahhh, just my raw thoughts on the midst of an August Rain. 🤭

May you find yourself between the lines.

August Rain

As I listen to the mighty rolls and claps of thunder and lightning, I am caught in the midst of a realization.

How mighty and fierce God's love can be... for us.

Like this love we found and how you believed it can bloom in time.

Now, a strong love is knocking at my door and I can't help but think...

...this is how mighty God's love for us both, Hearbeat.

This August rain and I are a pair of two energies wildly and completely falling this hard and fierce in love... with you.

Only for you.

August Rain by © Angel Fizz 21 May you find yourself between the lines.

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