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Arìyìkè is a Nigerian name from the Yoruba tribe, it means we have this one to PAMPER and fortunately is the name of my soon to be bride. This poem is dedicated to you "souly" Arìyìkè. ♥️

By: Angel Bryel


by Angel Bryel

As a child I would stare the skies

And find the clouds pose like stairs urging me to touch the stars

I saw meteors flee restriction like giant fireflies

And constellations like gold dust scattered across the dark vistas

As a child I loved the night and all the things it made bright.

But then at dawn I was left lonely... again

I saw night no more

Stars melted into the hot blue skies

And life hurriedly lost real meaning to me as I relived this damning yore

Hot winds broke my skin like wild fires

But then I always kept my gaze lit, awaiting the first star awaiting my soothing friend, night

And then she came. But no, this is not night

She's sparked the remembrance of an aurora, a radiant beam,

Her smile made me forget the splendour of stars,

Her gait disregarded the doggedness of any meteor stream

Wait, did night hide her from me?

I loved her instantly better than I loved night

Her eyes outshone the brightest kindle

As she relegated the brightest spark without a fight

I found a new way to describe beautiful

I found what I had for night is fondness

But what I have for her is Love so dutiful

She feels like night, but a brighter kind

I will cherish her

More than I cherished night

I will be so close to her

Ever basking in her precious light

I will wrap myself around her

And never for a minute would she leave my sight

But she wonders woriedly if night would accept her

Surely at dusk I will take her to night

So night could see one fairer

Then I will whisper enthusiastically to night


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