To The Ends Of The Earth (Pt. 5)
To The Ends Of The Earth (Pt. 5) sciencefiction stories

angelbreeze Writing in quarantine
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Part 5 Baby! Hope y'all are enjoying the sci-fi/dystopian works!

To The Ends Of The Earth (Pt. 5)

And that's how Oli and I got here, not exactly a fairytale. We've been here for about nine years, two years longer than we were at the hub.

Oli's sentence ended much earlier than mine, me being one of the leaders' granddaughters and all. Mine was supposed to be a life sentence, never to return.

But when the sentinels came back for Oli, he said he wanted to stay, the sentinel, or rather, The Mother, let him.

Anyways, we've both been stuck in this busted old town for a while, so everyone knows us, and we know everyone, except for the drifters who walk into town every once in a while.

I wasn't allowed to leave town though because the chip in my neck would zap me if I walked outside the perimeter, Oli on the other hand, could leave whenever he wanted.

In our town, there's a tavern run by a friend of mine, Jacky "Joyride" Lockett. She was the only other girl in town close to my age, but she's still more like a big sister to me I suppose.

So why "Joyride" right? Well in a town that's pretty far from any of the hubs, but surrounded by junkyards upon junkyards of abandoned tech, you need to know how to use it.

And that's where she comes in. We call her "Joyride" among other things like "Joy" or "Jolly Roger" which is quite ironic because when it comes to personalities, she's not exactly the jolliest.

If anything, she's quite the robust dominant type. But she can hotwire anything. She taught me how to hotwire the hover-cycles in the only junkyard in town when I was twelve.

Of course, she didn't think that I would ever go far, you know, because of the whole life-sentence thing.

But if anything happened to her, someone would need to know how to do it for the others, and someone had to teach Oli how to drive one.

I was bad at first, but he's still wobbly after four years of practice.

After we caught wind of The Mother going dark, which wasn't that hard considering the chips in our necks give off a green glow, that well, it went dark with The Mother.

We decided to ride to the tavern to see if it happened to anyone else or if it was just some kind of fluke. But, sure enough, no green glow from anyone's napes. It was just flesh-colored.

"Hey there Vaye!"

Jacky's nickname for me. Whenever she met me, the first thing she asked me was "What's your name?" and still recovering from Peggy, I couldn't get out more than "Vaye.

" I didn't have the heart to tell her that it was actually Violet until about a year later. But since I took so long, it kind of stuck with everyone in town, except with Oli.

"What can I get you? Any breakfast? You look starved!"

"Ever the caretaker ay Joy?"

"One plate of eggs and a cup of juice coming right up."

I had forgotten to say anything about Oli, but he heard right as he walked in the door.

"Make that two if you don't mind."

"Oh hey, Oliver! How've you been?"

"Not bad, but a plate of any of your food is the perfect start to any day."

"You flatter me, Oliver! I'll be right back."

I love Jacky, but she's always had a thing for Oli. It's not that weird considering she's not that much older than us, all things considered.

Oli and I are both sixteen and she's eighteen, but since she's always been so much like a sibling to me, along with Oli, it's a bit unnerving.

Hello Reader? How's it going? Im still unsure of what I want Oliver and Violet to look like, but I might keep it vague/ambiguous so it's up to the reader! Be sure to leave a like if you're enjoying the story!

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