To The Ends Of The Earth (Pt. 4)
To The Ends Of The Earth (Pt. 4) sciencefiction stories

angelbreeze Writing in quarantine
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Part 4 is up! Stay tuned for more, uploading daily. This is going to likely be the length of a short novel in the end.

To The Ends Of The Earth (Pt. 4)

by angelbreeze

When I finally got to the location center, I was the last one there.

Apparently I was the only difficult child though since I was only about fifty-five pounds and a bit taller than average,

I couldn't have been that difficult for a perfectly made sentinel to take care of. I've always just ridden it off as a defective piece of scrap. Then a nanny bot started speaking

"Welcome children, to the relocation center! Today we will be assigning you banishment sentences depending on your value to the revolution!

Hopefully, this relocation will allow you to become more in line with The Mother's values."

Oh, how wrong she was. We were split up into provinces and then chapters. Our provinces determined our region, and our chapters determined our more specific landing hub.

I, along with about ten other children, was given province twenty-eight. We were then split into pairs and given our chapters. I was paired with Oli, I guess at the very least I knew who he was.

We were then each given a pill to swallow, the nanny bot had sympathy on some of the children who couldn't do it and gave them a gummy.

That was the last thing I remembered before landing in province twenty-eight at the chapter four landing pad.

Hello reader! Did you enjoy part 4? I hope so! Don't forget to leave a like, it tells me that you want to read it. If you have any critiques or theories feel free to leave a comment! I love feedback!

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