To The Ends Of The Earth (Pt 1.)
To The Ends Of The Earth 
(Pt 1.) sciencefiction stories

angelbreeze Writing in quarantine
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Writing this for the Sci-fi contest, currently, a work in progress so stay tuned! :)

To The Ends Of The Earth (Pt 1.)

The Mother is dead.

It was the leader of the country, soon to be the world. Except someone decided to pull the plug, no one quite knows how it just happened.

The Mother was the leader of our "country" or rather world until 3012, this year. The Mother decided what jobs each person should do, and how much each person should earn.

It also gave us options of where to live, controlled traffic, restocked grocery stores, virtually of course, basically anything that had to do with our lives.

But most importantly, it decided who to banish, who lives, who dies.

I was one of the people it decided to banish, everyone expected me to be put to death, but look at me! Ha! I'm still alive! Anyways, since The Mother is "dead" or as I like to say, out of order.

I'm pretty sure that thing doesn't have the capacity to die, after all, it's been functional for nearly a millennia! Why would it die now? Anyways this is my story and I-

"Hey you aren't the only one this is about!"

"Oh... right, this is Oli."

"It's Oliver, Violet."

"Yeah okay, whatever."

Hey everyone! This is my first attempt at writing a story for others to enjoy! So if you liked it and you want to see more, be sure to leave a like for the writer to munch on. Those likes sure fill them up! (Idk how long they can last off of coffee)

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