Selfish to be
Selfish to be poetry stories

angelbreeze Writing in quarantine
Autoplay OFF   •   a year ago
Is it selfish to feel pain? Or is it selfish to neglect it?

Selfish to be

Pain, Running down her face More salt from her eyes Pouring into her wounds

Selfish to cry Selfish to hurt The sound of falling tears Became her constant lullaby

"There are people more hurt that you!" Screams the media "I know" She rebuttals through her mania

Selfish to scream Selfish to sob Only truly happy in a dream Her mind going off like a bomb

The screams neverending The cries never-ceasing

She can't allow herself to keep believing That she too deserves a happy ending

That her feelings have substance But in her neverending reluctance...

She's lost herself To a tidal wave of darkness Gasping for a breath She will never find

Her last request? "Allow my life to truly be mine."

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