Run Away
Run Away error stories

angelbreeze Writing in quarantine
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How can you run from your problems, if you can never escape them.

Run Away

Tears running down my face Is this to be my eternal fate? An ache deep down, that nothing can fix Nothing in this world of lies and tricks

Nothing is wrong, so why must I cry? Terrible to cry, when there's no reason why

An error code constantly being sent through my brain "Something is wrong, so I'll make you feel pain."

I'm no longer present as I drift through the days Hoping this dull pain will finally go away Low level, but never ending As the days are forever blending

Motivation is lost I want it back, but what will it cost?

Being present, making myself vulnerable? I'm starting to think this bug is incurable

The error code my brain continues to send "You're awful, don't bother getting out of bed."

Error 404, not found Forever I will be bound

I cannot run I cannot flee Because the thing I'm running from...

Is me

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