Robot 2.022
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angelbreeze Writing in quarantine
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I will not succumb to you, version 2.022.
Hope you enjoy the poem!

Robot 2.022

We come to you with starry eyes

Filled pages, with open minds

You fill us with more, or so we thought

With each new piece to us, you brought

You erased a page of each one of us

Each new question made us suss

Quivering in our seats, told to raise our hand

Drifting further from our "promised neverland"

Our pages now blank, filled with "info"

As I cry silently into my pillow

All childhood creativity, written by me

Torn, erased, and thrown away by thee

Each of my pages filled with formulas

Systems, acronyms, my star now a nebula

Destroyed from within

Is how I have been

Trying to reform from my gasses and particles

As you shove down my throat one of your articles

I am version 2.022

Another robot you tried to produce

Feed the system

Give but don't take

You tore me to pieces

Shattered dreams left in your wake

I pick up my broken parts

As I reclaim my love for the arts

You didn't produce me, version 2.022

However, I was broken by you

But I've taken up my shattered dreams

And I'm weaving them into a masterpiece

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