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angelbreeze Writing in quarantine
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Just having some fun putting life scenarios into a poem.., don’t mind me 🤣💛


I knew you a bit... Saw you every now and then

Every time I did my heart would lift And my head would groan “Ugh, not again!”

Usually I get tongue tied But this time... My tongue lay still And I was able to speak to you Unlike the others... I felt this way for

You made me smile You made me laugh

In my heart there was a gap I didn’t realize was filled by you Until someone pointed it out

At first in denial It made me realize That my shattered heart In a pile, on the floor Began to reform, for you

But then...

I tried to talk to you ... you didn’t say much back Except for the words I never noticed before... “ Where is she?”

It was then I knew That I realized I had changed for you That you... You fell for someone else instead

But not just someone else Not just someone ...but my best friend

But no, I wouldn’t change back even if I should You made me realize things she never could And nothing ever became of you two, you’re both my cure

So, thank you

Thank you for breaking a heart that never was quite yours Because without you...

My heart would be under the floor Thumping throughout all of eternity, driving me insane Without you... I wouldn’t be who I am forever more

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