I chose
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angelbreeze Writing in quarantine
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This one's DEFINITELY more "free" verse than my others. Hope you enjoy!

I chose

I control what I think She says to me I chose to be angry She says to me

She won't see my pain I tell her I'm fine My teeth bared My gaze sharp as a knife

You're being overdramatic Go take your medicine All I hear is static Opening the bottle, harder than chewing venison

I want to scream I want to yell Why can't she tell? My emotions are trapping me In an eternal Hell

Each word Invalidating how I feel

I'm not angry I chose that I'm not sad I chose that

Because If I didn't want to be sad or angry I'd let the oil unto my wrists And let it seep in

Just like how her words Seep Into me

I admit, she is right Chemical imbalance turns off the light

Or rather... Does it turn it on?

Showing me What I'm too afraid to see What I shoved under the bed Into the closet To suppress words of invalidation

So yes, I chose

I chose to turn on the light

I chose to turn on the light I CHOSE to open my eyes


To feel emotion To be human And not a porcelain perfect doll

Because I'm the dummy haunting your dreams Because now IM the one pulling the strings

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