Friday the 13th
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angelbreeze Writing in quarantine
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A different perspective on Friday the 13th, hope you enjoy <3

Friday the 13th

The day of the Goddess is long gone The sad lament of the siren’s song

For women it was a sacred day By men; it was stolen away

Now to celebrate horrors and thrills!!! The mere thought of it gives me chills

Now we must have a Women’s Day! Because the true day, was stolen away

Now this is not to say all men are beasts, no But such thieves belong way down below

For stealing this day was a sinful crime But of course, evil, will get its time

When Eve gave Adam the fruit Is what this day also constitutes

But before the age of Christianity And the frivolity of all the profanity

It celebrated femininity and the Goddess But now it is all extremely Preposterous

13 cycles in a year for the Women Yet now Friday 13th- Is the day of the demon

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