Carpet of life (Daily Prompt)
Carpet of life 

(Daily Prompt) carpet stories

angelbreeze Writing in quarantine
Autoplay OFF   •   a year ago
Just a quick poem about carpets and life 💛

Carpet of life (Daily Prompt)

The soft ground that surrounds our youth Protecting us from harm But underneath lies a solid truth Solid ground causing parents alarm

But due to superficial softness We gave it all our faith But since we were thoughtless We expected it to come to our aid

But when we jumped of the couch And didn’t land on our feet We were too hurt to scream “Ouch!” As we began to bleed

Our nose, broken Our knees, burning Mistrust has awoken As we realize trust is a burden

The outside doesn’t reflect the inside Is what we had to learn

To who or what we trust we must decide Because when we’re wrong, it’s our heart, that gets a carpet burn

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