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angelbreeze Writing in quarantine
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Did a poetry challenge (requirements below), idk if you can see the source link but the challenge generator is there (I’m new to the platform), I am a mediocre poetry writer at best but I hope you enjoy or enjoyed the poem. <3

Words needed...
Orbits, dangling, breed, arrival, charm, tomorrow’s, sleepless, tedium, bulb, uh, colorful, ma, ninth, Renaissance, and brimming

Needed to include...
-The names of three colors
-The mane of a board game
-Several children’s games (I only did one 😬)
-Reference a hobby or pastime
-A musical instrument

Source: https://www.robertpeake.c...


-As we grow, we breed

-We have children around which our life orbits

-We watch them cry, we watch them bleed

-watching them endure battles of wits

-The red of their blood, the blue of their tears

-sleepless nights full of darkness

-brought about by tomorrow's fears

-the strength of today we must harness

-we charm our tedium selves

-with a colorful, dangling bulb of hope

-to our arrival in our eternal gray cells

-how are we supposed to cope?

-when children call ma or pa

-when ma and pa brimmed with fear

-when their hearts begin to thaw

-as their eyes begin to clear

-judgement begins the game of chutes and ladders

-as ma and pa play ring around the rosy

-while her children eat off silver platters

-but in their pocket, there were no posies

-on the ninth they are gone

-they are done weaving her tapestry

-like the Renaissance, angels strum harps, and sing a song

-as their children weep from such catastrophe

-mother says

-"uh, this is not where I'm supposed to be..."

-as she walks into his,

-his arms open wide with glee

-my dear, our time has come

-she cries with sadness and with joy

-their happiness here has just begun

-no longer will they need a ploy

-to keep their children from harm's reach

-they can finally be at peace

-for even if their children weep,

- their worrying can finally cease

-their children will carry on

-growing up, like beanstalks

-while they're together, six feet under the lawn

-their children's time ticking down, on their doomsday clocks

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