Blue eyes (Chapter 4)
Blue eyes (Chapter 4) school stories

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Katherine is now eating ouch with her new friend and her friend, friends❤️

Blue eyes (Chapter 4)

“Hey follow me” Lia said “okay” I said as I followed her into this classroom “What is this place?” I asked since it was a lot of chemicals “This is the science lab” she says back “Oh that’s cool!” I said, “What do we do in here” I asked again. “We are actually not doing anything because well...” Lia says. “What’s wrong?” I asked since she looked sad.

“Well um a students Mom passed away in here” Lia said as she looked really sad, “Wait what! How come?” I said back “Because she used the wrong chemicals and blew up!” She said back as she started to angry a little bit. “Oh my I’m so so sorry was she your mom?” I asked “Yea” Lia said as she started to cry.

I felt so bad for her and I didn’t know what to do all I can think of was maybe we can go to another classroom so she doesn’t feel sad. “Hey can you show me where my class is?” I asked so I can change the subject, “Yea sure! I’m sorry I just got very emotional” Lia said with a smile “it’s okay no need to say sorry” I said back.

Lia than showed me every where around the school for 4 hours. When it was lunch time she said “Do you want to eat with me and my friends?”, “oh ummm sure?” I said back “Okay great follow me!” She says. I followed her into the lunch Area where I saw a lot of kids laughing and playing and talking with each other (including eating). She showed me her table and we sat down on the girls side, (school is strict)

Omg, he is so cute I said in my mind as this boy with blond hair passes by. “Katherine are you okay?” Lia asked me, “Yes I am fine!” I said back. My friends want to introduce their selfs to you,”okay” I said back. Than one boy says “Hey my name is Josh and I am 17” he says. “Hello nice to meet you” I said back.

Thank you guys for reading! Make sure you guys read chapter 1 and chapter 2 and 3 before coming to chapter 4 ❤️❤️

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