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Jungkook and Eun Hye have always been close, from childhood friends to highschool senior year. What happens when the hot new teacher at school has his eyes set out for Eun Hye? Can Jungkook confess his feelings in time? Or will he live to regret his decision?

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Fateful Romance

*This is only a preview*



What the hell man! I raise my head up from under my pillow and reach over, across the bed for my phone

"Who is it anyway?", I ask as if someone was going to give me an answer.

Groaning heavily i unlock my phone to see Jungkook's name plastered across the screen.

Jungkook: Time to wake up Eun Hye! I'm waiting out front.

Sighing heavily I rub my eyes and throw my phone behind me.

"What an ass", I mumble while getting up to relieve myself after the long night.

Once I was dressed and grabbed my bag, I locked my door and headed out. No use saying I'm leaving since there was no one else in the house.

Yawning I look around to find the coconut head and spot him just behind a bus stop.

"Yah! Jungkook Ah!", I call after him.

He turns and smiles warmly while running to meet me. He's such a kid.

"What took you so long?", he asks as we walk.

I slap his arm and he jumps back.

"What did I say?", he asks as if he was all innocent.

"Who texts 7:00 in the morning anyway?", I ask annoyed.

He does this every single day, I'm starting to wonder if he'll ever understand that I'm not a morning person.

"Yeah but I figured you'd want to be on time since we're having a new teacher and all", he says in an attempt to sound helpful.

I give him my ugliest glare and walk faster.

"New teacher my ass, what a pain", I mumble and stop at the bus pole.

"Yeah I guess", he mumbles and stays quiet for the rest of the way to school.

Jungkook and I have known each other forever. Well, actually it was ever since his mom and my dad passed away while helping in a fire.

It was exactly 15 years ago when we were both 3. The fire station called for all the help they could get one night and my dad, who once served as a fireman went out in that late night.

He never returned.

As for Jungkook's mom, she was already in the building helping recruit the few survivors. She didn't make it out either.

Since then, we've gotten to know each other, we spent long days talking about our parents and what we missed about them.

Jungkook was going to kindergarten soon and I followed behind. We've learned to stick by each other since then.

Looking over at the coconut head now, I imagine what my life would have been like without him.

I bet it would have been pretty dark. Although he acts like a little kid, Jungkook helped me get through the toughest times when I was growing up. And I did the same.

Guess you could say, we had each other's backs.

"Hey, Eun Hye, we're here", he says and stands up while holding on to the bus pole.

The bus came to a heavy stop and almost knocked me over to the person sitting right behind me.

"I'm so sorry", I said while adjusting myself.

I looked over to see a handsome man smiling up at me.

"It's fine", he says and goes back to his reading.

I stare in awe as his fine shiny hair blows in the wind, and his beautiful sparkling eyes observe the fine silken paper.

"Eun Hye!", I hear Jungkook calling and I turn to see he's already off the bus and waiting.

I quickly grab my bag off the floor and dash out after him.

"Sorry", I mumbled while walking past him.

He shrugs and walks right behind me as we enter the school.

"Yah! Eun Hye! What took you so long?", I hear Ji calling from a distance.

I groan in annoyance and watch as the skinny, tall, and bunny-like girl comes into view.

"You know me, I'm always-"

"Oh forget that! The new teacher is here, and he's hot stuff", she says with a wink while grabbing my arm and dragging me to class.

"Bye kook", i call out and he waves back, heading to class.

Once I walk into class, I can see small groups of people gathered in a huddle, whispering to each other in secret.

"Eun Hye, Ji, you guys are so late", I hear a group of girls calling and we join their little group.

"Did you guys see him?", Ji asks.

"No, but I heard Miss Tam-yon tried to flirt with him and got rejected flat, in front of all the staff!", someone said.

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah, but she's been flirting with every new teacher since Mr. Hyuk. It's her thing"

"True but she still got rejected", they answer back.

"That means he's a total bad boy right?", someone commented and they all started gushing.

Ugh, this was so sickening.

"Okay class, please take your seats!", someone calls from the door and we all turn to face the voice.

Damn, he was good looking. Looked like a solid 10/10 hunk. Isn't he a bit young though?

"I'm your new teacher, Mr. Kim", he announces

The girls all start squealing and I literally have to plug my ears to prevent them from bleeding.

I never did have a high pitched voice, even from before my mensuration period had arrived.

I look over at Mr. Kim and notice something familiar about him. I couldn't place it, but I had a feeling that I had seen him somewhere before.

"What's your full name Mr. Kim?", someone asks.

"Yeah, and how old are you?", another gushes.

"Do you have a girlfriend? Are you married?", someone from the back calls out and everyone starts laughing

They all wait eagerly for their professor to answer but he simply takes a seat and pulls out the attendance folder.

"I don't think your questions are very appropriate", he says while pulling out a pen.

"Aww, are you shy Mr. Kim? Have you never dated before?", they joke in whiny annoying voices that I'm guessing were supposed to be 'cute'

"At least tell us your full name?", they pleaded one last time.

I roll my eyes and pull out my clipboard of stacked paper. Can't we just get to the lesson already, I want to hit the cafe on the way to my next class.

"My name is Kim Woo-bin and for this term, I will be your calculus professor", he says finally and stands to write his name on the board.

I watch as his hand curves, delicately tracing the chalk onto the black empty board. His wrist was a work of art alone. His broad shoulders, and gorgeous jawline.

Overall, he was handsome. The only problem was, he was our teacher.

I smile to myself, happy that this barrier would teach these lovesick girls a lesson.

"Now, please stand when I call your name", he says and slips on his glasses.

The class starts squealing again, and I sigh heavily while slamming my head on to my desk.

"Julia?", he calls out

The tall skinny girl stands and bows.

"Euna?", he calls out and a short girl stands to bow

This goes on for about 2 minutes when-

"Eun Hye?", he calls out and I sigh heavily while standing.

I lazily bow without sparing him a glance and flop myself back onto my chair.

I was so over this class.

"Eun Hye?", he calls out again, and I look up to see he's standing right in front of my desk.

"You already said my name", I say.

I did stand, right? Yeah, I did.

"Stand up right now", he commands and I get up quickly.

"Did you forget to wash your face in the morning? Or are you always like this?" He asks while folding his arms.

I furrow my eyebrows, "what? Wash my face?"

What is he going on about?

"Your back is slouched, your legs are spread when you sit, and even when you stand, you look like a broken string puppet", he says while staring me up and down.

"Um thank you", I say while shrugging

The class bursts out laughing and I look around confused. What's going on?

"See me after class", he says and walks back to his seat

I sigh heavily and flop back onto the chair. What's his problem? My back is slouched? Wash my face?

This guy was such a pain

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