Prologue of "The Sin Hunter"
Prologue of "The Sin Hunter" death stories
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angel28 A young woman with a passion for art
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This is only the prologue of the story I am writing. It's not perfect. However, I believe with good feedback/criticism, this will improve immensely. What are your thoughts on this? If you have any ideas, please, don't hesitate to comment!

Prologue of "The Sin Hunter"

"Don't worry, my friend. It won't be long for you now. I can feel your arteries slowly clogging up as we speak." When he said this, he made a gesture with his hand, and I started convulsing on the grass. The cold, damp grass seemed to whisper, "You're going to die here." Even at this moment, I still hung onto hope. Hope that I will escape the clutches of my tormentor.

When he stopped my convulsions, I mustered enough strength to crawl to his feet. I spat on his polished, dark boots. "Go to Hell." I croaked. He laughed in the darkness of night. "Oh, I think it's the other way around, my friend," he chuckled, "You're the one paying a visit to Hell very soon."

He then dragged me by my chains to the edge of the cliff. I don't know how long I was chained. All I knew was that they were on long enough to irritate the skin underneath. When we reached the edge, he kicked me in the stomach. I cried out in pain. I flipped over, facing the dark abyss awaiting me.

"Now, Let me get this straight." He cracked his knuckles and flashed a white smile. "You jumped Jonathan Baker because of his... physical abnormalities. Am I correct?" "Eat shit, you wretched demon! I choked out. "He is a serpent crawling on the Earth! Everyone knows that!" What I said was a mistake, because he made the same gesture with his hand, and I started convulsing again.

"You're a little prick, aren't you?" He twirled his index finger. This action made me throw up my dinner. "Don't you see the harm you've caused?" "To the weakling destined to get beat up sooner or later?" I coughed. "To the man that did nothing wrong to you, nor to anyone." He corrected me. "You must pay the price for your actions."

"With gold?" "With you life!" He bellowed. These very words put out the flame inside me. I was now filled with terror. He reached his arms out to me. Miraculously, a force rolled me to his feet. He grabbed me by the neck, lifted me from the ground, and walked me to the edge once more. If he lets me go, I will fall.

His face showed no mercy. I tried to pry his hands off my neck. I kicked my legs in desperation. "Please," I mouthed, "please don't let me go." "Any last words." He retorted. It was hopeless. He was not going to let me live. I gave into my fate and said my last words.

"Who are y-" He didn't let me finish. He dropped me and I fell to my death, screaming at the top of my lungs. I don't know if it was Lucifer talking, or the man that erased me from existence. The very last words I heard was...

"I am the Sin Hunter."

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