it was a quick one, a question
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andyelliotno direction in life and a love of film
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i'm moving and it hurts like hell to leave my friends. little did i know they don't seem to care.

it was a quick one, a question

by andyelliot

sent in a text, on an whim, in a careless move

"what do you think about arizona?"

and i, quicker to answer, not much.

well, an answer came, "i got a job there."

and my whole world changed.

tumbling, chaotic, i wanted it to stop.

moving? us? we can't - my mind raged and swore

and no answer came - and i, carelessly, on a whim -

told everyone i knew.

no emotion arose, not a word could describe it

the silence that fell spoke words of abandon

and the scathing heat i feel tells me we've all disbanded

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You, after all, are the one who is uprooting and leaving. In your mind, you have made that separation and attached anxiety to it. Your friends still see you standing there. After you are gone, they will feel the separation and shock of your not being there. Don't be disappointed because they did not react the way you had planned for them too. The poem was a sterling example of free association. You told your story and brought it home. Great job!!!