it was a quick one, a question
it was a quick one, a question abandonment stories
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andyelliot no direction in life and a love of film
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i'm moving and it hurts like hell to leave my friends. little did i know they don't seem to care.

it was a quick one, a question

by andyelliot

sent in a text, on an whim, in a careless move

"what do you think about arizona?"

and i, quicker to answer, not much.

well, an answer came, "i got a job there."

and my whole world changed.

tumbling, chaotic, i wanted it to stop.

moving? us? we can't - my mind raged and swore

and no answer came - and i, carelessly, on a whim -

told everyone i knew.

no emotion arose, not a word could describe it

the silence that fell spoke words of abandon

and the scathing heat i feel tells me we've all disbanded

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