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They say knowledge is power, but are you better left in the dark sometimes?

The planet

We were happy. We thought we were happy anyway. You could try to deny it, but you thought you were happy before the incident. Everything was so simple.

You would go to work, come home to your family, barbeque on the weekends, and every night go to sleep in your house identical to your neighbors.

We all lived this live, at least some variation of it. Everyone had the same things, and no one wanted for anything. We had the best planet in the universe, or so we thought.

We didn’t need a government like the other planets. We didn’t have war, and no one was hungry or homeless unlike most of our sister planets. Everything just worked.

I mean, that is what we thought anyway. Everything was absolutely perfect. The Planet, that is all we needed to call our home, because she was perfect. Life just worked. We didn’t know how.

Or we did know. The beautiful orange shapes that seemed to be suspended over our beautiful planet kept everything in balance.

Not everyone believes this, even to this day, but we are the only planet that runs so perfectly and the only planet with such marvels. The planet was the most beautiful.

The yellow green haze that ran throughout the planet made everything so beautiful and seemed to be the source of pure happiness, I guess we know now what that truly was.

Between the joy inducing haze and the remarkable ornaments, the planet was a wonder.

We didn’t have much contact with our sister planet, but it turns out, that was the only good part of life on this planet.

Life just fell into place here. We weren’t born, like on our sister planets. We just started existing.

You could be working your job, where you make the same as everyone else in the world, and then you leave work to go walk down the street and BAM! The love of your life just exists.

No one found it was strange. You just lived your life and nothing went wrong. You did exactly as you were made to do. You didn’t complain, and you really didn’t have a reason too.

Even I thought life was the epitome of perfection. We all saw it though, and now we can never forget. The haze has since returned, but it isn’t enough to erase the truth from our minds.

Don’t get me wrong, there are those out there who have chosen to forget, played it off as some prank, but deep down, even they know that this life is nothing but a lie.

It all started as a normal day. We were all at work, doing the jobs we were perfectly fit to do. Moms were with their babies and children were at school.

The haze was flowing through the planet like every other beautiful, perfect day. It happened suddenly, handfuls of people just appeared in the streets all over the planet.

All the cars on the roads stopped and crashes, a never before event, popped up all over the planet. It was pandemonium. Everyone left their work at once to see what the commotion was all about.

We were all in fear, an emotion that did not exists amongst us.

Had we been paying attention, we would have noticed that in that moment, all of the haze had disappeared, almost like it had never been there in the first place,

like it had only existed in our minds. We demanded answers, but who do you get the answers from when no authorities have ever existed?

This woke some of us from the daze we had been living in. We started looking for real answers. The beautiful shapes in the sky, looked more ominous and less beautiful.

It was now clear that they hung over one point of our planet. Those of us who were awaken, sadly it was less than would have been preferable, headed towards that point.

Knowing what we know now, we all wish we hadn’t, that we had simply just waited for the yellow green to return. We couldn’t though. The curiosity, another new emotion, couldn’t be contained.

Of course, those who were closer arrived first, but it took some of the rest of us a few hours to arrive.

A huge screen sat in the middle of a large open field. It wasn’t as open at that point because of all of the people. We all stared in disbelief. It didn’t make any sense.

A program was running on the screen but it wasn’t comprehendible. And then our eyes were opened to everything, all at the same time.

The reason everything was so perfect, was we were a creation from the other planets. With war, and hunger and depression running rampant in the planets, the suicide rate was unbelievable.

Families already suffering couldn’t bear the loses of their loved ones.

A mother who lost her daughter to suicide created a program that if used fast enough, could retrieve the personality portion of the brain and replicate the human that had once existed.

It then transferred the replication into this planet, which only existed in the computers of the loved ones. The shapes above us were simple the code being sent to and from the program.

We snapped out of all of this knowledge, not really any the better for it.

We had lived a miserable existence in our real life, just to come here and live the same things day in and day out over and over and over.

Was this an improvement? Obviously, we had wanted out of existence. Why would this be any better? It explained everything.

Those who committed suicide would just pop up the age they were on the real planets, and children who died unfortune early deaths were sent here for their real parents to watch grow.

There was no point or purpose to this life. In the last life at least, it was unsure if there was a purpose or not, but here, you simply lived day in and day out to keep someone comfort.

That really has to make you think, at what point does that family member forget about you, realize they no longer have time to watch you boringly live your perfect life,

never learning any lessons, making any personal growth, just having an illusion of a perfect life that wasn’t even real.

Or when the said loved one died and left you to just live to not even be a source of comfort. Is this existence really any better, and can it be considering we aren’t even real?

We’ve since found out this was not the first coming of truth.

It happens every decade or so, the system has to reboot, update, and sometimes that glitches and plays the role of the tree of wisdom. We have knowledge into everything.

There is the saying knowledge is power, but for us, you could say ignorance is bliss. Knowledge here is just knowing that life and existence is pointless.

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