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Going to sleep a hero is great, unless you wake up a vilian.


The city spread out like a virus that had no vaccine. Its expanse of skyscrapers, highways, businesses, and houses. Cars snaked through the roads roaring loudly. It woke me.

I was unprepared for what I saw. I hadn’t been here before I went to sleep. I looked down at myself. I was no longer in my pajamas, but in my suit.

You see, I was a super hero, well that is what I thought then. I don’t know what to think now. I looked around, there were three others laying around me. I recognized one.

She I was the hero for a few cities over from me. Her city loved her, and she was technically employed with their police department. I saved lives in my free time. I was a prosecutor.

I saw the cities filth every day. This was not my city though. I couldn’t recognize this city. Granted I hadn’t traveled much, but I’ve seen pictures. This was nothing I had ever seen before.

The other two heroes, I had never seen them. They called the female hero Time. I had heard that she could travel through time, not very far, but enough to be useful.

The awful sounds of the cars woke me up, but the relentless rain woke roused the others. They sat wiping the drops off their face. The stench of the rain was awful. It was metallic and slick.

Time looked at me with panic in her eyes. I figured that she also was not in her suit the last place she remembered being. The other two were males and most of their faces were concealed.

They stood angrily. I remained on the ground. I was dizzy and not sure of my powers at the moment. I wasn’t’ sure what had been done to me. I could duplicate myself and had night vision.

My night vision was blinded by the light in the dirty rain. I was known as Hydra. I didn’t pick it. The bad guys did surprisingly. It fit I guess.

One of the males, the taller of the two looked at me and introduced himself as Dark Flame, before asking where we were. I just shrugged my shoulders.

Why would I know where we were? I stood and tried to brush the rain off as it poured down on my head, the latex clung tighter to my skin. Dark Flame offered me his cape, but I declined.

There were not many female heroes, and we were always seen as weaker. I didn’t want him underestimating me.

I don’t know why at the time I didn’t notice how strange it was that despite the number of cars on the road, there was absolutely no one besides us on the sidewalks.

That despite the loudness, the city was eerily quiet. An uncomfortable feeling crept through my stomach. I felt like we were being watched. Nothing felt right at the moment.

How did we get here? No one seemed to have an idea. I suggested that we find somewhere to take cover. I felt too exposed on the side of the road.

Before we could make a decision on where to go, many mechanical sounds came from all around us. We made a tight circle. I was facing a dark alley, and the noises were getting louder.

At first glance I thought humans appeared out of the shadows, but it was robots; robots that appeared human. They held straight faces, but there was something sinister hiding there.

Time blipped a few times, and I assumed to was trying to travel out of this. It seemed like a good idea, and I envied her power at the moment. Dark Flame suggested that we prepare to fight.

I agreed. I prepared to create several clones of myself. It wasn’t right, my power wasn’t working. It was still there, I could feel it.

I could just barely grasp it; my power was still there, but it was unusable. The others around me seemed to be having the same problem. The guys were grunting and mumbling about their powers.

“Freeze!” a high voice screeched out of the robot in front of me. He held a hand palm out towards me. I wasn’t sure what it meant. I suggested that maybe we do as they say.

The others grumbled in response. Time was crying. I imagined that she was having a hard time with her powers not working. I put my hands up in a surrender.

The robot in front of me, who seemed to be in charge, moved forward and seized my hands. He was gentle, and that scared me more than if he had been more aggressive.

Nothing seemed right, but the others followed my suit.

They took us to a very plain square building with no markings. Dark Flame and I were put in the same plain room, with beige walls and nothing but two chairs in the middle.

Dark Flame kept asking me what I knew, how we got there, what was going to happen. Oddly enough despite what they show you in movies, it was I, the female, who was calm and leading this.

The man was the scared disaster. A female walked into the room, walked, no that wasn’t right, she glided in. I had never seen movement that smooth.

She looked directly at me, but her eyes were unseeing. Her voice came out perfect, when she accused me of crimes against nature. I didn’t know what that meant, but she said it flawlessly.

She told me that I kept natural things from happening. Dark Flame asked her what she was talking about. She ignored him; just told me once again of my crime against nature.

It was laughable really, but I wasn’t laughing. The female glided out, not seeming bothered by my lack of response.

Dark Flame asked me what that was about, but I had no idea. He told me about his family and the kids he had back at home. I felt sympathy, but what was I supposed to do about it.

We needed to get out of that place. I asked why he thought I was the target of the questions. He didn’t know and didn’t know who I was before we got here.

I admitted I hadn’t heard of him either. He told me about where he was from. Nothing he said made any sense. I had never heard of it. It didn’t even begin to sound like Earth.

Purple oceans, green skies, and the houses underground. I stopped him. Nothing made any sense. It was like a cruel joke. This had to be some elaborate plan by her archnemesis.

The female glided back in and pulled Dark Flame out of the room quite aggressively. She came back, this time her face was angry. “You did this! You’ve made all of this work for us.

What you have done isn’t right.” I still didn’t understand what she was talking about. I tried to make my powers work again. Simply nothing happened. The robot seemed even more outraged.

“This! Stop trying to do this! You are causing such a mess. You are ripping up dimensions!” She shrieked. I still didn’t understand. I backed up into the wall as far as I could get from her.

Another female glided into the room calmly. Her face, straight unreadable.

She began to tell me, that every time I created a clone of myself, it ripped another being from a different universe to become me.

Sadly, after I had used up the clone, it would be lost, never to return to it’s dimension. I couldn’t believe what I was being told.

She continued, saying that I had done it so many times that I had destroyed entire dimensions. That is why the others were here. I had destroyed their dimensions.

I couldn’t believe it. This was outrageous. I was a superhero. These powers, were the powers of a villain. It wasn’t possible. I demanded that she send me home. She sighed.

“I cannot send you home. You destroyed that one as well.” I couldn’t breathe. None of this was possible. If I had destroyed mine, then how could I be here.

As if she read my mind, she responded “We pulled you here. You have great power and strength. We were hoping that you could channel it.

Maybe those dimensions weren’t destroyed, maybe you could pull them back.”

I began to cry. I mean what else could I do. The angry robot before, now regarded me curiously. I guess as a robot, she had never experienced crying.

I begged them to send me somewhere that I would never need to use my powers again.

The straight face said that they could, but the others would have to come as well, because they had no where else to go. Of course, that was fine with me.

I mean it was my fault they were homeless now anyway.

The new place is similar to home, but inhabited by no one, except some useless heroes. The others found out about what happened.

They know that the reason they have lost everything was because of me. So, I’ve moved to the other side away from them. They don’t bother me, and I steer clear of them. It is lonely though.

I don’t know that I can bare it anymore. I don’t think just one clone would hurt.

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