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Take a moment and breath and remember today what is worth being human. (IF YOU READ THIS PLEASE COMMENT!!! WHAT YOUR " FAVOURITE LITTLE THING IN LIFE IS" )


What I value most….have to be The little things

The things that take time to notice, as little things go.

you could absolutely describe a hundred different scenarios I’ll try to narrow it down a little lol. Apart of the little things there are the moments,

Moments when your with someone and they fall asleep on you and you can feel their heart beat and you never want to let them go and wish it would last forever.

The little moments like waking up a split second before the other person, they awake and you see them open their eyes and look at you and smile,

it’s like they see you for who you are and wouldn’t want to wake up to see anyone else it’s like they awoke from a dream to realize that it all has come true.

Those little moments when you let someone into your heart and soul and share a part of your self .

Those are the once in a life time moments those moments judge all others in your life never to be forgotten, and hidden in your dreams and shared only in your thoughts.

I believe you can give someone a piece of who you are and never truly get that back…..

You have the little moments in life where the world seems to be hinting to you to walk left or turn right and remind you of the important things weather that be looking at the stars

and remembering a moment you had with someone or having the wind brush past you and feels like soft touch of your love.

a reminder of why we strive and persevere threw the difficult and hard times to be able to see and feel one last time of the one we love.

for they are the reason we live and breath and wake up every morning to live threw life to be with them threw all moments in life weather they be pleasant or not….

Then there is the moment in life where you find true love, a catalyst of dreams and choices collide into one single moment.

All these moments are fragile and effortlessly be swept away and forgotten if we don’t protect them …..

People forget and lose track and don’t take time to remember what is it worth being human.

Little things in life like holding the door open for someone or in a blizzard / complete rain storm dropping them off at the door and then parking and waking in so they wouldn’t be freezing or wet.

Tucking someone in at night giving them the extra blanket if they are cold.

The last scoop of ice-cream or watching their favourite show. Taking the time to enjoy something with them that they love or are passionate about because you love them and would always want to see them smile and be happy.

Those little moments where someone spills all their worries and heart ache to you.

because you want to be there and listen and hold them and simply just let them know everything will be all right.

And be a cleanex for them to bear all the heart ache because you love them so indefinitely that you rather take the pain then see them suffer, And sometimes as simple as a quiet moment.

All the little things in life to see someone smile. I believe these little things define us who we are.

If you remember the little things in life no matter how much time in life you have to make moments it’s all worth it in the end no matter when the sand of time run thin.

Something I have come to realize is everyone is different and we are drawn to people in life for many different reasons weather that be love or friendship leadership someone that can always

Keep a secret or someone that can always make you laugh. Everyone is unique and different and their little moments will be different then others.

I believe the best moments in life are shared with another person someone that will love you in a indescribable manner that only those two people can share.

It’s important not to forget that you have to create new moments to enjoy new little things that everyday life brings to your feet.

Sometimes the best little things in life are the ones you love since the beginning and hold close to your heart forever. The little moments in life are meant to be shared with another Person.

Not Everyone,

there will be the days were you realize that all the moments you shared and remember from someone have to be stored in the depths of your heart and dreams because they moved on

and found love and are creating new memory’s.

In the end life seems to be a complicated disaster and it’s so easy to be hurt and felt loved. At times realize a dream and a truth can be liberating and destructive. Hearts can be broken and fixed with time for in the end time is all we have.

I value the most In life are the little things and hope and wish that with the time I have left I can create memories and a vast shape of moments with someone.

That no matter how long in time. No matter the moments that only one moment would be worth an entire life.

For everything I am and for all that my heart has given. I have loved and hope that the person I have become is worth being remembered for all the moments I have created.

To be honest no matter what tomorrow brings I wish I could have just stollen that one heart to love. Don’t ever forget your someone’s moments and their reason to live.

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