Questions to Time

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Ask your self the question, Can life’s greatest wonders make your dreams and feelings real?

Questions to Time

If the sun does not set upon The last Moments of every day Seem to teater upon the Balance of the edge of the world

Threw the crimson light upon Heavens Of shadows Would there be a tomorrow Threw the light of Reflection of that is always waiting upon one Set and another rise To light amounts of all doubt

Do not cast doubt On the appearance Of what we believe We know Threw the Motions of every Moment

Does a person who is dancing Appear crazy If we cannot hear the music Tho if we do not see an aspect Of an action Does it happen within this life

Can a heart love without Knowing why Or from where Can it love threw hate and Despair And those who Show only conquest And know No end

Tho if the world went dark Could I find a light Threw all guided moments To you That when I close my eyes you Fall asleep That when you feel pain I can not breath

For your hand in mine Heart on my soul for When you call my name I look back If the sun did not set upon the last moments of every day Would you remember me

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