It always has been yours
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andrew-goodwin Once more into this moment
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I challenge you to be human, Take hold of what creates the best parts of you and the things you enjoy the most about the time you have spend in this life.

Feel free to comment on the one thing that you enjoy about being human.

It always has been yours

From the first existence Of a moment

To take hold Of your fear Embrace the unknown and fall

That strikes down The possibilities of doubt

Defy fate and trust the next step

Take solemn in a breath And shout with all passion that lurks

between that does not want to be noticed

Tear through the moment It always has been yours

The fractures of lives

And places amungst the stars yearning to be noticed

Grant you this moment For it Has always been yours

Your moment to arise And be human

To live in the condition of our design

To taste love

Hear passion

Feel warmth

Embrace creation It has always been yours

Until the last moment

The parts of who I am ingrained into All of my humanity

As I offer it all to you

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