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A different form of expressing love.

As a young girl the idea of marriage has been always implanted in us.

Study hard for an over a decade, get a good stable job, and find a suitable spouse whom you will spend you rest of your life with.

More so it was try to find a a good husband within the years of studying so by the time you finish your studies; the nightmare of being single is now no longer hunting and bothering you.

Kids as well are an essential part of the process; the idea of creating family seemed to be the fundamental seed that is planted in our mind so by the years passing that seed is nourished by

the experiences you make in life.

This whole idea seems easy; how hard can it be to have a man that you will share your life with?

How hard can it be to find a suitable person that you have to be with them through sickness and well? And how hard can it be to find a good man?

But where is the missing element, the one that is stuck on our mind? The element that princess all have found; the element that men have gone to wars for?

Love, as a young little girl, princesses were my idols, Cinderella found her light through love, Snowhite was saved from death by love,

Sleeping beauty was awakened from an eternal slumber through love as well. Actually love is so powerful that it can change a monstrous helpless beast into a charming prince.

But what is love? Is it mother staying at home holding the burden of an entire family on her shoulder while father is is having fun with countless female "collegues''?

Or is love having my father kissing the new formed colored skin that he created on my mother's body?

After all isn't love relative?

Were the pretty colors of purple, blue and red painted and marked as a part of a white blank canvas made of skin and flesh part of love? ...

They could be as form of expressing love since these lovely bruises were consistent then they must be a different way of expressing love.

After all isn't love relative?

That mixture of swirling colors on a skin were made by such a great devotion that they couldn't fade even with rubbing various kind of ointments and even iced water couldn't erase

those love marks.

They were made by so much love that they decided to stay as a prominent part of the body; maybe they loved existing on the body that way it'll be easier for them to be considered as a form

of 'beauty marks'. That must be love or else father wouldn't just leave those beautiful nicely done marks all over mother's body.

That's it he wanted her to remember his love through this unique way of love expressing.

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