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Leaving home and coming back a year later: how things change.


By: Andrea

when you look out the plane window, and see the illuminating ocean. when you feel the humidity sticking to your skin.

when you can smell the slight saltiness in the air. when you step into a familiar car and familiar arms.

when you drive across the streets you grew up in. when you watch the sway of the palm trees marking your way.

when you get pulled into two other embraces, one which you push away playfully. when the smell of his cologne hits you

when you notice the small changes, her hair color, the new buildings, the new dents in the car when you realize life continues without you.

when you order the same pizza from the same place, but it isn’t the same. when you make an inside joke, and they don’t remember.

when it’s time to go and you’re in their arms again. when you’re falling asleep in his car, and he tells you that he’ll wake you.

when you force yourself to stay awake, because you don’t want to miss a moment. when you feel the tears brim your eyes.

when you force him to park and get out to give you a hug. when you pull away quickly, as to not cry.

when you step into the airport, without a look back.

when you realize, it’s not home anymore.

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