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andidisappearedTumblr @andidisappeared
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i thought keeping myself in would make them want to draw me out.


by andidisappeared

I trace the boundary in sand, I draw it neatly. I curl my toes in, I stand behind the line, patient.

I define myself with quiet and severe simplicity.

I let them pass. I let them see what they think I am who I want them to think I am: this hair and this calm face.

I keep myself in line, I believe they will walk by and see how good I can be.

They meander past, observe-- critical eyes--and they leave.

I deepen the border with the heel of my shoe.

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andidisappearedTumblr @andidisappeared
2 months ago
ink poisoning.
maybe it's the ink poisoning that makes me write.

andidisappearedTumblr @andidisappeared
2 months ago
i thought they would listen if i were more careful...

andidisappearedTumblr @andidisappeared
2 months ago
you're growing up and i'm fading away, but i just want to say that i w...
Written from the viewpoint of an imaginary friend....

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
2 months agoReply
This described an introspective on introversion. Itas well written. Your descriptive phrases brought the sand to my toes. Great poem!!!!!!