The Death Herald
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She came to warn him that his time his up.

The Death Herald

The man sneezed in the crowded subway.

"Bless you", whispered a female voice.

Startled he looked around to see the voice's source and saw that he couldn't really place the voice on the women at the subway. It could be any of them.

He sneezed again and wiped his nose with his handkerchief.

"Bless you!", this time the voice was really loud.

He jumped and looked around. He still couldn't find the source.

A little girl standing with her mother pointed towards him and said in a loud voice, "Mummy, why does she look sad?"

He looked to his left and right to see who she's referring to and to his horror, he saw that there are two men standing on each side.

He looked behind him but he only saw an old lady and two teenaged girls chatting away on their mobile phones.

Before him, was no one. He'll be the first to enter the train when it arrives.

He wondered who the little girl was talking about. Maybe a ghost? But he never believed in ghosts.

Then a foul stench filled the area so he put his shirt's neck up to his nose avoid the smell.

The odor is so strong that even covering his nose doesn't help. He's now feeling nauseous.

He looked around but no one seemed to notice the smell.

Being fed up with the bad odor he looked up in frustration.

A strange woman was floating above him and looking down on him.

She gave him a fright. He got goosebumps. The woman was wreaking with the foul odor.

The man tried to look away but he couldn't. It's like he's mind and soul is drawn to this strange ghostly being.

The floating woman was wearing a white, long tattered dress.

She had long dark hair that stood up straight on her head, her skin was white as paper and her eyes were big black empty circles.

She put her hands to her face and her eyes turned blood red.

Then she opened her mouth really wide and let out a sharp shrill.

The man heard her and felt his ears ringing so he closed his eyes and he put hands to his ears to drown out the sound.

The shrill slowly faded to an uncontrollable sob. Then it stopped entirely.

He opened his eyes. The ghost had already disappeared. He was so shocked he couldn't move.

The train that he was waiting for arrived. Everyone behind him rushed to get in so they involuntarily pushed him in.

No one saw the screaming woman except the little girl. She's still outside on the subway station platform, waiting for the next train.

Once inside the man came to his senses and looked out the window to distract himself.

He saw the little girl still waiting outside. She looked into the train straight at him and shook her head with a look of pity on her face.

The man became really scared but then he had a few beers at the pub before coming to the subway so he thought that it could just be in his head.

The next day he died of a heart attack.

The ghost lady he saw at the subway was the wailing banshee. She weeps for your soul as it's about to leave your body.

She's also known as the death herald.

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