Trapped By Law

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anayalianee17 ...strange world isn't it...
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if ykyk. I don't expect anyone to tho

Trapped By Law

so close but so far

is what the world is to me.

i'm trapped in an unbreakable cage,

that was made to prevent me from being free.

no one likes to admit I was born here,

and my attempts for momentary happiness only prolonged my stay.

smile they say

but I can't and they know why.

that know all about my secrets,

which is why they ask me to keep them inside.

Because who wants to hear about my gloom,

in a world where we were taught to play.

I drag my feet on the floor,

i've come to the conclusion this is not the world I wish to explore.

at least not in these chains and shackles.

me against you is my least sought out battle...

you control me like a puppet,

I have no say, for it's the law.

isolating me is not good,

in fact it is something way worse than wrong.

my only escape was music,

but now you won't allow any songs.

I wish this world would end.

then I would let my little, broken soul choose again.

this is not the life for me,

for this is not who I am.

-anayalianee thxs for reading check out my page for way better content! xoxo

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