Clandestine Affairs
Clandestine Affairs poetry stories

anavega222 life is short, the world is wide
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There’s ice in your eyes,
where there’s fire in mine,
But darling, ice can burn-

Clandestine Affairs

There's ice in your eyes,

where there's fire in mine,

But darling, ice can burn-

The sad thing about our story,

is that we end in mortal doom,

For every moment we're together,

Turns our hearts into a tomb.

You melt for me, and I burn for you,

both of us withering away.

But at dawn we stand, forgotten pain,

to live another day.

I love you with my soul,

rather than my heart of fragile strings.

even though I run from our clandestine affairs,

I find peace in what they bring.

I stood in a gossamer gown,

your eyes tracing the fires of my eyes,

and as you knelt upon your knee,

I whispered, "Do you think that is wise?"

You said, "Darling you can destroy me,

for I was only ever yours to break,

My hands were meant for yours,

as we cross the frozen lake."

Even in the utter chaos,

The only peace high up in foreign spires,

Can only be found with you, so-

I'm stepping into our raging fires.

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