I followed advice from a New York City billboard.

anathema15 // they/them
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new york city billboards are not reliable advice.

I followed advice from a New York City billboard.

by anathema

There was this billboard--

--there are a lot in New York, I know, but this one was different.

This one wasn't a flashy advertisement;

it wasn't even on an electric sign.

It was a flimsy, paper banner on a building we passed.

It read,

"If you love someone, act on it."

I remember nearly crying.

I remember pulling my phone out, snapping a picture, and trying to compose myself as I made it my wallpaper.

I tried to follow that advice.

I tried it one too many times before I decided that the god-awful feeling of rejection was unbearable.

Don't take advice from New York City billboards.

No matter how great they seem, no matter how wise or rational.

It'll only make it more disappointing when it goes wrong.

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