Lust for me
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anastasiammmmHappiness is all that matters :)
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Lust for me

by anastasiammmm

Bite my lip, suck my neck Rid me of my oxygen

Pull me down, do it slow

That way its more meaningful

Throw the pillows leave the bed bare Take down my underwear

Wrestling now to win the prize Locked into your eyes

Let's not leave this room Are you down?

Dinner time At mine

You keep eating when I'm done, have me feeling numb

You are full and I'm weak

Got the shakes, you're the medicine I seek

Come in deep Don't let me speak

Screams and moans will suffice Your metal rings graze my inner thigh, leaving me on a high

Fingers crawl

Your touch lingers leaving me sore

Breathless gasps remove any pain from the past

Your hands intertwined in mine, I know this will last

Hopeless romantics fall in love fast

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