«The only exit»
«The only exit» fiction stories

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«The only exit»

Lisa is sober today. No alcohol, no drugs, nothing. It is Sunday morning and, for the first time in months, she is sober. The walls around her are making her mind feel trapped.

Her heart is beating too fast and her whole body is frozen. No drugs, no alcohol, just her in a place full of fears. There is no other choice; she must leave this room immediately.

She decides to go for a walk into the woods, hoping that the fresh air will help her mind stop thinking, but it doesn't. Now, she feels lost.

Where did she come from? Where is the exit? Why do the trees look so scary? Where is the sun? She can't see the sun. Is it night or day? It is not night either, there is no moon in the sky.

There is no other choice; she must leave these woods immediately.

She goes to meet her friend, John, hoping that his company will help her to forget the frightening room, the trippy woods, the soberness.

Lisa is now lying on his couch, with a huge smile on her face. She feels pure joy, after a long time.

John is sitting next to her and the two friends are having a conversation about life, love, happiness. ''The nightmare is over'', she thinks but it is not.

Suddenly, the room becomes as small as an elevator, her friend vanishes, and all the lights are switched off. She is alone in a dark, suffocatingly small room.

There is no other choice; she must leave, or she will lose her mind.

Lisa was sober today. No alcohol, no drugs, nothing. It is Sunday night, and she is drinking a glass of whiskey while swallowing eight antidepressant pills.

She left this room. She left this world and now, she is finally happy.

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