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Fear Fear



What does the word “fear” means? You know .it has many own definitions and clarifications, and everyone has a fear. child, adults, youngsters, middle-aged and even old people.

Don’t know anyone that where from the fear comes. there are two types of fears in among us. First one is “the fear is creating by someone and the second one is that comes from our mind.

Mostly the 2 Nd type fear are creating by our thoughts. today I saw a mini video lesson of Mr.

AJ Hoge (he is one of the corporate English trainer and international level motivator -and he taking the online English class across the world as free and without.

I think his video is very useful and motivate us in a different way).so in that video he is describing purely what the fear is? and the source ….

another kind of fear is coming out from our mind when we starting something like business, starting a new venture or try to do something new…...

many times we don’t able to control this kind of fear. I didn’t understand yet what is the reason or motive is behind this situation. even me, I often feel this kind of fear most of time.

probably you may have!!!!how we able to beat the fear. the only way is fight against the negative thoughts in our mind. I know we’re excel at a lot of things.

but most of time we didn’t see that. it’s ok. another fear is coming from around us. the best example is mostly the fear is coming when someone criticizing us for anything.

Like for our startup, while learning something new and for anything. there are many negative thoughts are surrounded us. We don’t realize.

In that video he is describing very well that how to overcome the failure and how to rid the all negative thoughts from our mind. we’re not going to die while we starting something.

Might be we lose something like money, prestige or fame. But we still alive. we have to do something.

I would like to say you something that defy every criticize, avoid the negative peoples even your friends. because don’t ever let somebody tell you can’t do this.

not even me, you got a dream and you going to protect it. people can’t do something themselves. They want to tell you, you can’t do this. If you want something go get it.

So, fear is nothing if you stay as positive and bold. Otherwise just leave your all “burning desire “and everything and live in the society as a dummy or ass hole.

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