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A segment made from the broken pieces of a girl's heart.

There's no superpower that can get you love. On the other side, it might make you lose it.

The world is too cruel to get this ides of love straight and having a superpower doesn't help the situation.

A segment.

The sense of pain. Is it only physical?

When you're disappearing in the atmosphere and within the hand of this energy source of the earth what could be this pain about?

The pain you absorbed. The pain you prevented from reaching to other people. The pain of giving everything and losing yourself after that.

We don't cry over other people's problems, we cry over the innocence of the people which are treated with cruelty by this unkind world.

The reality of this cruel world is in front of me and I deny to serve it anymore. The gods must be laughing at me now. Those gods, who gave me this unnatural power.

And what I decided to do with it? I wanted to serve others.

Even when you ask for water from someone,

They drink some first,

This is the world's worst,

Everybody thinks about themselves first.

I gave my everything to them but they wanted more. They wanted the power through which I helped them.

God would be laughing at my stupidity to think about these men who have that monster beneath them!

They killed him.

They killed the one person who truly accepted and believed the truth inside. He was the one for whom I survived this long.

He passed the energy he held for me to the world and I'm gonna be doing the same!

"You were right about me, about us and our love. But you were wrong about this world."

The blood was weeping from my fingers as I held his head.

"The poor who dreamed about my power to be his, for getting a better life; to the rich who bribed me for it. Everybody, each and everyone here is greedy and no good"

"You were wrong! You have to accept it! You can't die like this with a smile on your face! You can't!", my sore voice made some of them deaf as I pleaded for him.

Even though I knew he won't listen. He never has.

Why didn't you ever listened to me?! I told you they're no good! They are not kind or whatever shit you said!

"They killed whatever good that was left inside of me or them, by killing you.", I said to him

The storm stopped but they didn't. They don't want me, they don't need me. They want to own ME.

Not again. That red oozing out from him. The scars that force him to close those eyes. The pain, the pressure are the reasons I'm not able to peep into those green eyes for motivation.

That helplessness of his body--which prevented me from giving up in the hope of better--is the order of their destruction.

"You should surrender now!", the voice hit my ear as the noise increased.

"After everything, all that was done, all I did, all my wishes and pleads, you weren't able to give me a friend, a lover. You killed him.

You killed the one who believed in you! You killed the one person who I wanted most in my life.", I cried in his chest.

I kissed him and the faint feeling of his lips made me angry. The small movements and the voice of the heartbeat were no longer there when you hug him.

I felt the blood rushing in my body as a breeze passed through the silence. My face no longer shows that expression of grief inside me when I looked at them.

The fear of being there. The eyes which were feared but could never guess what is coming towards them.

I felt my body elevating at the heat of my atmosphere. The touch of him faded away with every second as I saw the blood dripping from my fingertips.

I looked up at the place and the people who made me do this. The littlest satisfaction that I gained by seeing the fear in their eyes. But that wasn't gonna change anything.

I smiled at them.

"You all just killed the person who was saving you all this time!", I yelled and the commotion increased.

Running won't do you any good.

The burning heat that I could sense under my chest was the origin of it. Giving up all my power to destroy the ones who destroyed my reason for living.

The energy faded and sound minimized at the point where I was only able to hear the vibrations. Every part of my body stretched.

The hurtfulness of that action made me smile knowing the fact that I felt like him.

I opened my eyes to get a glimpse of the destruction before falling. I could feel myself falling, slowly.

The strands of my hair and the tiny droplets of tears were flying above me as I was falling backward.

The short glimpse of the world which killed my lover was beautiful. Those little kids crying over the street as the building fall apart to the limit one can see. All the creatures running.

The items made by them destroying like toys. The number of dead people and bright red blood shining under this full moon was delightful.

My feelings were exploding as I saw the destruction of the planet for which I worked my whole life. Still beautiful.

I crashed on the ground.

This was the last.

The lustrous particles of energy around me and him were the last of it.

My hand intertwined with him, both blood covered. The tears blurred the view of my closing eyes. I tried very hard to prevent but my eyes laid shut as I felt a tiny squeeze at my hand.

I took a breathe sighing as I lost the sense of myself in relaxation.

"I prevented this from happening because I knew it would hurt you and those tears are not intended to be wasted on people like them."

, the velvet, soothing voice echoed my ears making me feel good as the touch of his finger wiped my tears delightfully.

His lips moving with mine in absolute silence wasn't the last of it. His affection was the only way to satisfy my hunger. His affection told me that what I did was not wrong.

"It wasn't me who believed in that world. It was you.", he said and again started kissing me.

I never want to get away from his touch. Neither in that world nor this world.


Thank you for reading. Please do follow me for more content. I'm good with comedy too, it's not always sad. (^o^)

I want the unaware ones to know the reality. It's not exaggeration & even if it is...

An exaggeration is a truth that has lost its temper. -Kahill Gibran (1926)

Thanks again.

Happy pride month and I hope the BLM protest works out! LOVE YOU ALL!

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