The Last Love Letter
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For many mornings and many moons I thought you were one of my boons

The Last Love Letter

For many mornings and many moons

I thought you were one of my boons

I moved the horizons to cuddle you in my arm

Thought you would snuggle me with your charm

I believed our moments are going to be the melodious canary

Damn! I am always alone and never had you in my love story

I considered, I fought the world for you every tooth and nail

Alas! All I see is the restless mind that says it is a massive fail

Every moment I thought of you I had my smiles brimming

Not once I felt, it is the radiance before dimming

Life without you is unavoidably plummeting

Thoughts devoid you are unquestionably depriving

I think of you a lot every day and especially on this day

Only to wish you a very bright Happy Birthday

Ideas ran down on what to gift you that can bring lots of smiles

The only thing I stumbled upon was my disappearance to far away miles

Destiny chose the road for me that gets my sojourn in solitude

I am hopeful that it would never come in your magnitude

I wish to see you cheerful like a spring breeze

Truly, that’s what made me fall for you on my knees

Wishing you a very bright and happy birthday today and for the years to come.

With lots of love

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