His Obsession
His Obsession anne boleyn stories

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Anne Boleyn changes history. But no matter how hard she tries, she will always be, His Obsession.

His Obsession

Chapter 1 Anne Boleyn sits reading the bible. Today is her execution. On May 19, 1536, the day Anne Boleyn was to be executed was when history would change. We all know Anne as the mother to Queen Elizabeth I or the Second Wife of King Henry VIII that was beheaded. Well, what if things were different.

It is one hour before her execution, one of her ladies has walked into the room with a note. Anne reads the note. She has accepted her fate, she knows what must be done in order to save England. Anne is on the block. But first...

"I know not all of you thought of me as your queen; earlier I received a note. It said accept your fate; a change shall come to you if you do. So I accept my fate, and only ask you to pray for me; pray for our King. Pray that whom he weds after my death gives him a son. For in death I shall watch over him and any other children My King may have." Anne says She kneels onto the block.

It is a sad time for some; while others rejoice. As the sword comes down she closes her eyes and pretends she is just asleep. She never felt the sword cut through her; Her last thought was; this would be my last breath. And so Anne Boleyn mother of Elizabeth, Second Queen of England has breathed her last Breath.

Chapter 2 Anne sees a woman sitting on the bench, she looks closer and sees someone waiting for her; a familiar face, but why her. She waves Anne closer. So Anne goes to her. "Catherine; why would you be here. I mean after everything I did to you..." Catherine interrupts

"Hush now child, you read the note, I am just here to guide you. You are to go back in time as the eldest Boleyn, who ran away at the age of 10. You suck on a ship and went to Italy. The Pope saw you praying and asked you where your parents were. You responded that you ran away and needed someone to help you. So you became the Pope's daughter. The Pope had to teach you when you were young, but at 13 you meet the Romanov's the rulers of Russia.

They also took you in and proclaimed you their heir; to make it less suspicious they said you were being hid away for safety reasons. Unfortunately they passed 2 months ago from an outbreak of Smallpox. So you are Tasaria of Russia; you don't have to marry anyone as in Russia only females an rule. The men become Prince Consort."

"But what about me who will be Queen of England instead of me? So I don't have to marry? Who are my allies? "Anne panics. "Calm yourself child; The person in your place shall be a girl named Adeliza Boleyn. She will act just like you and for the sake of time she will have the same fate you did, but she will only take her last breath. Elizabeth will not be born from her.

Depending on how you change history, Elizabeth shall be born. You don't have to marry, but the Seymour's will have power; just like your time. You could use your Rule and the fact that you are favored by the Pope to your advantage. Help Henry make smart choices. Your allies are Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Austria." Catherine stands so Anne does to,

"Now it's time for you to go; as soon as you wake you will have the knowledge you need. I just ask you that you tell myself when you see me about what occurred in your timeline and what we have talked about. Oh and your name is Kirra. Anne isn't Russian and would cause suspicion," Catherine tells Anne. "Of course; thank you for this."

And so Anne Boleyn was whisked away and landed on a large comfy silk bed.

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