I Quit You (not)

I Quit You (not) poems stories

anaivanova Instagram: thediaryofmyalterego
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I Quit You (not). Photography by me.

I Quit You (not)

Quit smoking and excessive drinking, It was supposed to help with healthy thinking.

That day I made it clear to myself - It's also time to quit you.

Gone hard on greens, had spinach, kale daily. Worked out every other day, I even had a schedule.

On weekly basis: abs, some arms and ass. My selfie game was on point, I got a tonne DMs.

Until a day I saw you holding hands And calling her your girlfriend.

You never called me that in front of your best friends. It really hurt, I couldn’t stop it.

That day I started smoking cigarettes again And drinking wine, I had no schedule.

I made a lot of calls and texts Quite clearly, I couldn't quit you.

I liked you when you’ve had a ‘few’ tequilas You’d talk things intimate, as if you mean it.

I really wish you started heavy drinking And tried to feel instead of thinking.

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