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anaivanovaInstagram: thediaryofmyalterego
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Hide & Seek. Photography by me

Hide & Seek

Let's play hide and seek.

I’ll pretend as if I am not Into that kind of shit,

As if I am really not Into relationships,

As if I am hard as stone, As if I am hard to reach.

Please seek me though. I’m not as tough as it seems.

It’s actually quite hard for me Pretending I'm a real stone,

I'm so much more like ice. I seem extremely cold, Quite hard to break.

But really you can smash me Without trying much,

And I'll start melting, At your slightest touch.

I’ll pretend I'm not about it, Stones don't have feelings.

I am here to protect myself From melting down completely,

I've got to keep pretending To be a real stone, I don’t belong to people.

But really all I am thinking:

"Please, seek me!"

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